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Top 10 Lists for 2009

3 Jan | 2009

Its nice that the new year is here because now I get to list all my top 10 lists for January 2009!  So here is my various items that I list as my favorites of 2008.

Books Sold By The Pound

3 Dec | 2008

I am currently on my annual trip in Cochin, India. Today, on my walk at lunch time I decided I would do what I do every year I come out here.

Lose 15 Pounds In A Week With The Soup Diet

1 Dec | 2008


I have used this diet before and it really does work. Its healthy and is what doctors recommend for patients that are overweight and need to lose weight before a heart operation.

Looking Down On A Mountain I Am Only Half Way Up

30 Nov | 2008

I started writing this as an email to a fellow business owner who told me her journey to get where she is today.

Can Brian Burke Bring The Leafs The Stanley Cup?

29 Nov | 2008

Exciting news today came out of Toronto. The beloved Toronto Maple Leafs have signed the biggest name General Manager in 30+ years and maybe the biggest GM name to join the Leafs of all time.