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Books Sold By The Pound

3 Dec | 2008

I am currently on my annual trip in Cochin, India. Today, on my walk at lunch time I decided I would do what I do every year I come out here. I would talk to my ‘book man’ that sells books on the side of the road. I have always been delighted looking at all the wonderful books he has because I know if he has them then they must be big sellers. He has room on his ledge for about 20 books.

I see names like, Think and Grow Rich, Built To Last, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and the motivational ones like, The Secret, The Alchemist and so on.

Now these books are not the original ones that I would see in North America. They are soft cover and are on my less expensive paper. Infact it a small amount better then newsprint, the pages are not aligned and on one of the books I bought today it isn’t even cut straight.

But the message is still the same, and the cost of the book is much less.

This is what I am writing about today actually. I decided today that I would buy a few books. On my list today were, The One Minute Manager, The Alchemist and Dream Analysis by Sigmund Freud. I would guess that the Freud book would be the cheapest because it would be less in demand then the others but I thought very wrong.

For those that know those 3 books you will know that one is very tiny (83 pages) the other is about 200 pages and the Freud book is 400 pages. When I asked the price it seems the topic of the book was actually inconsequential! In fact, the only thing that mattered to my book man, when I asked about price, was the weight of the book! The more pages the book, the more I pay!


So I proceeded to purchase the One Minute Manager for 60 Rupees, ($1.40) The Alchemist for 80 Rupees and told him I would come later for the big Freud book!

I love tracking the subtle differences while I am out here. Its a different way of life. Many of the ways I like better infact. Its no different then someone from India visiting Canada for the first time, they would think many things stunning.

Anyhow, for those wondering I will be writing my review of the One Minute Manager soon. I have already started it and it very well could be one of those most simple yet profound books that have come my way. Infact I already offered him double the money if he can get me 10 copies for tomorrow so I can share.

60 Rupees for something that can change a life. Books by the pound and money well spent!

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